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17. “Chapter 17 – The Heir of Slytherin”

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After a fabulous year at Hogwarts faculty of black magic and creative thinking, Harry Potter is stuck outlay summer split up his awful Muggle (non-wizard) auntie and uncle, flower and Vernon Dursley, and his equally horrid full cousin, Dudley. On July 31, it’s Harry’s birthday, however nobody remembers. All the Dursleys care concerning is their guests for the evening: vital purchasers for Uncle Vernon’s drill business. Uncle Vernon tells Harry to sit down in his area and faux he does not exist – he does not wish Harry’s unfamiliarity (i.e., magic) wrecking his business. Once Harry retreats to his area to remain out of the method, though, he finds somebody surprising waiting there: a house-elf named Dobby. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Free.

House-elves area unit sure in thralldom to wizarding families. This explicit house-elf has sneaked off from his Dark wizard family to warn Harry that one thing dangerous is coming back to Hogwarts this academic year. Harry cannot return to Hogwarts for his own safety; Dobby is decided to stay the Boy-Who-Lived alive. Harry does not care concerning random threats from the arch-nemesis UN agency killed his oldsters, Lord Voldemort; he simply urgently needs to escape from the Dursleys and back to his best friends at college. Dobby is defeated Harry will not promise to not come back to Hogwarts. Therefore Dobby takes desperate measures: he casts a charm that ruins the Dursleys’ feast. Uncle Vernon loses his deal, and he blames Harry. therefore Uncle Vernon shuts Harry up in his bedchamber with bars on the windows. He guarantees Harry can ne’er get out. Harry Potter chamber of secrets free audiobook.

However, Uncle Vernon does not forecast the cleverness of West Chadic Weasley, one in all Harry’s best friends, and his 2 brothers, Fred and George. they are available flying up to the bars on Harry’s windows in AN charmed automobile happiness to their father. They pull the bars from the windows and facilitate Harry to flee. they convey Harry back to the Weasley house at the Burrow. Harry has AN impressive time there till faculty starts, particularly once he and West Chadic move into London to shop for faculty provides and converge with their different succor, Hermione farmer.

In Diagon Alley, the most wizarding street in London, Harry, Ron, and Hermione move to Flourish and Blotts (a bookstore) to shop for their faculty textbooks for the year. the shop is hosting a book sign language by the new Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, faculty member Lockhart. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Stephen Fry Free. Faculty member Lockhart appears overly vain and self-conscious; he in real time zeroes in on Harry because the known Boy-Who-Lived and tries to use Harry’s fame to urge a lot of attention for himself from the Daily Prophet newspaper. At Flourish and Blotts is additionally Harry’s main faculty enemy, Draco, and his father, Lucius Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy gets into a fight with man. Weasley over man. Weasley’s impoverishment and low social standing. The owner of the shop finally needs to break it up.

Harry and West Chadic reach King’s Cross Station to require the specific with the opposite Weasley children UN agency attend Hogwarts: Ginny, Fred, George, and Percy. however Harry and West Chadic cannot get through the magic barrier to Platform nine 3/4. during a panic that they need incomprehensible the train to Hogwarts, they conceive to take man. Weasley’s flying automobile to Hogwarts. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Download (archive). They achieve reaching Hogwarts largely safe (though they’re noticed by some Muggles, that is strictly against wizard law), however the automobile loses power and crashes into a violent tree referred to as the Whomping Willow. Harry and West Chadic survive, however the automobile is bored stiff and rolls off into the prohibited Forest.

Harry and West Chadic get into immense hassle for incoming late at college and coming back during a flying automobile. what is a lot of, West Chadic snapped his wand within the crash, therefore his spells become unpredictable and aimless for the remainder of the year. they do not get expelled, though, that is that the vital factor. West Chadic misses the Sorting of his younger sister, Ginny, UN agency finally ends up in Gryffindor House, similar to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Ginny is incredibly keep around Harry, however she clearly contains a immense crush on him (chamber of secrets audiobook).

Harry starts to note strange things round the castle: he hears a voice that nobody else will hear, that talks concerning tearing, ripping, and killing. Harry worries that he’s beginning to lose his mind. Things return to a head once he, Ron, and Hermione area unit returning from a ghost party on Hallowe’en night. They notice a large pool of water on the ground. there’s a creepy message painted on the wall: “THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED. ENEMIES OF THE HEIR, BEWARE” (8.163). As well, Mrs. Norris, a cat UN agency belongs to the Hogwarts caretaker, is hanging by her tail from a torch bracket. Her eyes area unit wide open, however she is stiff as a board. the full faculty suddenly starts to suspect that Harry is liable for this event. Listen Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Full Online Streaming.

The school’s suspicions increase once Harry duels with Draco throughout the primary (and last) meeting of faculty member Lockhart’s Dueling Club. Draco makes a snake seem, and therefore the snake turns to attack a Hufflepuff second year, Justin Finch-Fletchley. Harry tells the snake to prevent while not ever realizing that he is chatting with it in Parseltongue, snake language. the power to talk to snakes is one in all the items Salazar Slytherin, one in all the founders of the varsity and therefore the supposed creator of the Chamber of Secrets, was best-known for. as a result of none of the opposite children will perceive, they believe that Harry was encouraging the snake to attack Justin as a result of Justin could be a Muggle-born and not a pureblood wizard. {the UN agencyle|the entire|the complete|the full|the total} faculty starts to believe that Harry is that the Heir of Slytherin who has opened the Chamber. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets audiobook youtube.

It does not facilitate matters that subsequent victim of no matter is going on at the varsity is Justin Finch-Fletchley. Harry finds him Petrified on the bottom beside Gryffindor ghost, Nearly Headless Nick. All of the Hufflepuffs (and several of the opposite students at Hogwarts) suppose that Harry should are the one to attack Justin. once Colin Creevey, a Gryffindor 1st year UN agency has been annoying Harry together with his constant images, turns up Petrified also, the varsity takes this as definite proof that Harry has been up to no smart.

Meanwhile, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are attempting to search out the Heir of Slytherin on their own. They reason that the flood of water at Mrs. Norris’s attack came from a close-by rest room. the toilet is haunted by the ghost of a former Hogwarts student, groaning Myrtle. She did not see something from that night, though. as a result of groaning Myrtle has such AN awful temperament, her rest room is usually empty. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Torrent. So Harry, Ron, and Hermione conceive to use it as a base to form Polyjuice drinkable. Polyjuice drinkable permits you to require the form of ANother person for an hour, as long as you’ve got a hair from him or her to feature to the drinkable at the second. Harry, Ron, and Hermione suppose that Draco Malfoy is behind the attacks, so that they conceive to take the shapes of his Slytherin friends to urge a confession out of him.

They are finally ready to collect all of the ingredients and end the drinkable by Christmas break. Harry and West Chadic modification with success into Draco’s 2 half-witted best friends, Crabbe and Goyle. however Hermione’s drinkable has gone wrong. She used a hair from the robes of Millicent Bulstrode in her drinkable, however the hair seems to own been cat instead of human. Hermione sprouts hair from her face and grows cat ears and a tail. Harry and West Chadic entered the Slytherin living room to speak to Draco, however they determine (disappointingly) that he isn’t the Heir to Slytherin. He will tell them that the Chamber was last opened fifty years agone, which time, a Muggle-born died. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook by J. K. Rowling.

After this failing try at pursuit down the Heir of Slytherin, things die down alittle at Hogwarts. There are not any new attacks and Hermione returns to her traditional human form. Then, Harry finds out that groaning Myrtle’s rest room has flooded once more. Harry Potter 2 audiobook free download. Apparently, somebody threw a blank diary into her bathroom. Harry takes the diary and discovers that it once belonged to a Hogwarts Head Boy, Tom Riddle. Riddle charmed the diary to carry on to a number of his recollections. once Harry asks the diary what happened fifty years before with the Chamber of Secrets, Riddle shows him that it absolutely was Hagrid, the present gardener, UN agency was keeping a monster secret within the castle. Harry loves Hagrid, therefore he does not wish to believe it’s true. However he is aware of that Hagrid contains a soft spot for chilling creatures, therefore Harry suspects that Hagrid was the one to open the Chamber the primary time.

Just before his Quidditch match against Hufflepuff, Harry hears the voice within the walls once more. Hermione has some quite breakthrough and rushes to the library to analysis a lot of, however she is Petrified before she will be able to tell them what she completed. Currently that Hermione is that the fourth student attacked, things have return to a crisis purpose. Harry and West Chadic conceive to sneak all the way down to Hagrid’s hut to confront him. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Stephen Fry Free.